Skull Island has been added to Google Maps

Kong: Skull Island banner

Given the heavy thematic material presented in LOGAN this past weekend, I'd say we're all ready for something a littile lighter, and that's where KONG: SKULL ISLAND comes into play! You can check out our review HERE, but suffice it to say that the film looks to provide the perfect helping of popcorn entertainment! Marketing has pushed it one step further and teamed up with Google Maps to bring us the the actual, real-world location of Kong's home! Skull Island is located right below the equator in the South Pacific ocean. The 'Archaeological Site' already has 7,000 reviews and counting! Yes, you can actually write up a review for the famed island and upload pictures from "your trip".

Unfortunately, you can't zoom it and see the layout of the island. Could you imagine a Google Street View? Still, it's a fun piece of marketing, despite the fact I couldn't find a decent route to it. The latest trailer (as you can see above) really paints this film as a rock 'em, sock 'em adventure, and I'd say that's not far from the truth. At the very least, it should prove to a be a little more rousing that the GODZILLA film that preceded it.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND opens in theaters this Friday.

Source: Google Maps



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