Skyfall set video: James Bond kicks some ass on top of a train

Want your first look at some sweet stunts from SKYFALL? Well, here you go.

A reader over at Ain't It Cool News sent a video in from CNN Turkey of some behind the scenes stunt action. It all looks awesome and gets me even more hyped about the finished product. When I did some Google research, I found an interesting tidbit from last year at a site called Bond23:

"James Bond will be leaping from train to train in a daring stunt sequence. In exchange for permission to shoot on Indian rails, Daniel Craig has been asked to be a ‘brand ambassador’ for the Indian train company." This scene and several others were set to start in February.

Here is what the description the AICN reader sent in along with the video:

"Hi Harry, I'm Kemal, a long time fan of your site. I've just saw the news about Skyfall and that you didn't understand what being said (naturally). This was a nice and funny news today in Turkey. The set of Skyfall was in the main train station in Adana city. The set had high security and guards were everywhere but a high school student borrowed (!) a train worker's dress, got into station, crawled under the vagons and shot the whole action sequence. But he got out from where he's hiding to get a more clear picture. Then he was caught by the guards. Fortunately he hid his phone to his pants (which he shot the seq) so guards couldn't find the recording device on him. So here it is. First video from Skyfall, from a curious Turkish high school lad:)"

Source: AICNBond23



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