Slade on Eclipse?

While 30 DAYS OF NIGHT caught some shit after its release (mainly for the look of its vampires), I found it to be a rather serviceable vampire movie. It had its flaws, sure, but I've seen much, much worse vampire movies. Which brings me to TWILIGHT. The search for the director of the third TWILIGHT movie, ECLIPSE, inexplicably continues after about 700 names have been leaked to the press as being ready to sign a contract. Somehow I still get sucked into the publicity world of this franchise only because they seem to be talking to directors I'm interested in. Before it was Juan Antonio Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE) who wisely turned it down. Now it's the aforementioned Slade who, reports both Deadline Hollywood and EW.com, is definitely in talks to direct the film. Slade has a history with troubled teens (HARD CANDY) and vampires (30 DAYS) so he seems like an obvious fit. But is it too obvious? I thought Slade would be destined for slightly better things. This could be another one of those rumors that goes nowhere but if Summit wants to keep their summer 2010 release date for ECLIPSE they have to hire a director sooner or later...

Extra Tidbit: Slade had been in talks to direct a film about the Irish mafia called THE WESTIES but that seems to have died a slow death.
Source: EW.com



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