Slumdog Millionare's Anil Kapoor will be the Indian Jack Bauer

No, I don’t mean that he’s going to be an Indian terrorist fighter the way Jack Bauer was in the US, I mean that Anil Kapoor is now set to LITERALLY be Jack Bauer in an Indian version of 24 that’s moving forward.

The SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE actor and Bollywood star is producing and starring in a new take on 24 set in India which has him playing Jack Bauer. Again, not an agent like Bauer. Jack Bauer himself. Amazing.

“It will be a great honor for me to play Jack Bauer,” Kapoor said. “Kiefer created an iconic character which has inspired me to bring the franchise to India. This will be my first foray to Indian television and I look forward to duplicating the standard of excellence Fox has so successfully created.”

You’ll remember that Kapoor had a role on 24 as leader of a fictional Middle Eastern country, Omar Hassan. I guess he loved that part so much, he wanted to bring the entire show back to his native land. Is the villain just going to be Pakistan every season? I honestly can’t wait to see this.

Extra Tidbit: Please, please have counter-terrorism dance numbers at CTU.
Source: Deadline



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