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On January 25th, you’ll get a chance to check out Sylvester Stallone once again kick ass and take names when RAMBO hits a theatre near you, with a vengeance. A series that seemed to have died with RAMBO 3, is back and better than ever. At the recent junket for the film, I was lucky enough to speak to Sly in regards to the earlier sequels. He says ‘…there was much more vanity involved… It was all about body movement rather than just the ferocity and the commitment to what he [John Rambo] was doing.’ He seems to be much happier with this older and wiser Rambo, offering up that it is his favorite in the series along with FIRST BLOOD. Much the same way he felt about ROCKY and ROCKY BALBOA as the best in that franchise.

As for the level of violence there is a ton of carnage to be had. He spoke of how he approached the MPAA, ‘This is happening today. And if we’re ever going to do something responsible, where art has the ability to influence peoples awareness… don’t dilute it. Don’t water it down. It’s got to be uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable. It’s miserable. It’’s distasteful. It’s horrifying… I want people to feel it. And to their [the MPAA] credit, they allowed this film to be as truthful as it could.’ Although I personally think that if Stallone is telling you that you need to give it an R … of course they aren’t gonna go NC-17.

And speaking of ROCKY, is he finally finished with him? As we all know, sometimes money can bring back a long lost character than never needed a comeback. But Sly had this to say when asked about a return to the ring, ‘No. No, I got so lucky with the final image of Rocky… that’s it, it can’t go any further.’ I personal have gained a new respect for the guy, and when he takes on films such as the latest RAMBO or ROCKY BALBOA, as director, writer and actor, he seems to really shine. So are you ready for RAMBO? He’s coming whether you like it or not.

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