Small crimes get bigger in the full trailer for Fargo's second season

FARGO was one of the surprise hits of the last television season. No one thought a take on the Coen Brothers comedic noir could work without their direct involvement, but showrunner Noah Hawley knocked it out of the park, largely thanks to stellar turns from stars Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman. With the second season set to debut in October with an all new cast, everyone is wondering if Hawley can do it again.

The second season cast includes Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Ted Danson, Patrick Wilson, Nick Offerman and Jean Smart, and we now have our first look at the full trailer alongside nine short TV spots with new footage. Set in 1979, the only character who connects to the first season is Patrick Wilson's Lou Solverson, father to Allison Tolman's Deputy Molly Solverson. Lou was played by Keith Carradine in season one.

The trailer for season two looks even more like a Coen Bros film that the first season did. The period setting seems to add to that, but the cast of characters, including the quirky Nick Offerman, seems to tease that this could be another surprisingly good batch of episodes. It still amazes me how much Jesse Plemons looks like Matt Damon and Kirsten Dunst could be ready to hand in a Martin Freeman caliber performance. I just hope this isn't just the hype talking and that Fargo can match it's predecessor.

FARGO returns to FX in October.

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