Smart zombies?

Horror fanatics and Romero purists freaked out when they first experienced "fast zombies" courtesy of the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake (or the feral "Rage carriers" of 28 DAYS LATER). How will they feel about zombies with an above-Bub IQ?

That's the question that THE HARVARD ZOMBIE MASSACRE will attempt to answer -- the horror-comedy script was just grabbed by producer Warren Zide (of the AMERICAN PIE and FINAL DESTINATION series). The story comes from newbie writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit and "centers on a scenario in which Harvard is overrun by the undead and America's most brilliant minds fend off America's most brilliant zombies". Maybe nearby MIT has something that can assist.

The project is likely hoping to capture some of the creative success of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and not any of the oh-so-many other painful attempts at combining corpses with clever chuckles. Zide also has genre veteran director Joe Dante making BAT OUT OF HELL, co-written by Ain't It Cool's Drew "Moriarty" McWeeny.
Extra Tidbit: Harvard anthropologist Wade Davis focused on the study and process of Haitian "voodoo" zombification in his book THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW, adapted to film by Wes Craven.
Source: Variety



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