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Kev got Hit

Not to get into a debate over whether ZACK & MIRI was a complete crash or mitigated success -I dig that film no matter what anyone says- Kevin Smith is still completely changing course in his filmmaking; we'll see how that goes with A COUPLE OF DICKS, but it's his next one after that I'm stoked on.

Talking to the folks of Huffington Post recently, Smith shed some light on what HIT SOMEBODY would be about, other than (of course) Hockey. "It's not like my normal shit. Some people heard of it and were like 'Oh, you're gonna do a 'Slapshot'' and I'm like 'No,'" the big man offered. "I mean it's set in that era [The 70's] but I'm going for something a little else, a little different on this one." He also adds being after a less-ambitious Forrest Gump tone for the film.

The story, like the Warren Zevon song it's based on, follows a guy who wants more than anything to be in the NHL, but is only good at one thing: beating people up on the ice. Who that guy would be is unknown, but Kev's Tweets over the weekend mentioned one name that's pretty much a surefire casting: fellow hockey fan Wil Wheaton. Said Smith, "wilw is my hockey brother from another mother. He’s gonna HIT SOMEBODY."

Wheaton is a pretty cool dude, but I don't see him as a cinematic Tie Domi, so he probably won't be the main man on this one. Anybody got suggestions for Kev's lead in that film?

Extra Tidbit: Zevon's "Lawyers, Guns & Money" would've been a much better title for Wall Street 2.
Source: Huffington Post



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