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I thought that Kevin Smith said he would never want to direct something someone else wrote but I must've misunderstood that assertion. Smith has just signed on to direct an upcoming pilot for fledgling WB/UPN hybrid network The CW titled "Reaper." Explaining the decision on his boards Smith said, "Why am I doing it? a) The script is funny, and b) I've always been curious about trying my hand at directing something I didn't write." Huh? I thought he never had an interest in doing that? Smith clarifies: "Never had an interest in doing that on the big screen, but 'Reaper' presented an excellent opportunity to give it a go in a smaller (yet, ironically, far larger) pond." Ohh. The pilot follows a 21-year-old who finds out his parents sold his soul to the Devil and now must work as a bounty hunter retrieving souls for the Prince of Darkness. While that may sound similar to a failed Fox series titled "Brimstone," Smith insists it's more of a comedy along the SHAUN OF THE DEAD lines. As for his cinematic projects, he also reveals he's writing a script now and he and producer Scott Mosier are looking to film his next two projects back-to-back this fall. That would include his much ballyhoed "horror project." Good to see my man Smith branching out and trying new things. I wonder if he was approached to do anything for GRINDHOUSE?...

Extra Tidbit: Smith is shooting another pilot but as an actor not director. He'll star in Showtime's "Manchild" with John Corbett.
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