Smokin' script & poster

Joe Carnahan has put up a complete early draft - what is essentially the version that was greenlit, according to him - of SMOKIN' ACES available to download on his Smokin' Joe Carnahan blog. Unsurprisingly, a lot of stuff was apparently changed as the film moved toward a final product, though Carnahan writes that the original scripted ending was filmed and will be a deleted scene on the DVD. Head HERE to check it out now and also, if you're so inclined, to find a link to a page sample from the SMOKIN' ACES prequel comic book. Below is the most recently posted rejected poster for the film. It's a little busy but still in keeping with the choiceness and choiceosity of the previously seen awesome posters, which you can check out HERE and HERE. The movie opens January 26th

Extra Tidbit: If you visit Smokin' Joe Carnahan, you can also read about how to participate in a poster designing contest, the winner of which will likely be able to have their creation blown up, framed and signed by the cast of the film.



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