Sneak peek at The Walking Dead season 4 has Michonne on a horse and (surprise!) zombies

The Walking Dead

While everyone has been watching and nervously waiting to see what's going to happen next on Breaking Bad, the new season of AMC's other intense and popular show has slowly been creeping up on us. It'll be October before we know it, which means the start of the fourth season of The Walking Dead. A small clip from the new season has surfaced that has Michonne (Danai Gurira) riding up to the prison on a horse and then being attacked by some zombies. Quick question: is it me or did the zombies bum rush her a little too quickly? Come on Michonne! You should have no problem taking out two of these undead bastards!

The quality of the video isn't superb, but is, after all, just a sneak peek. Season four of THE WALKING DEAD will consist of 16 episodes (including two standalone Governor episodes) and it will start airing on October 13th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: How different do you think The Walking Dead would have been these last two seasons if Frank Darabont was still running the show?



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