SNL writer reveals what the "S" stands for in the name David S. Pumpkins!

It's been a long time since SNL had a character with massive crossover appeal, like your Pats, your Wayne Campbells, and your two dudes who assault women at clubs. But it seems David S. Pumpkins - portrayed by Tom Hanks a year ago on the show - has that appeal. In fact, they're going to be premiering an animated TV special based on him!

According to SNL writer Mikey Day, the appeal of the David S. Pumpkins character was "a combination of things: It was Halloween; it was a week or two before the election, and people just wanted something silly to laugh at; and it was a dumb idea with the perfect host — Tom Hanks, the man who can unite us all...The comedy of it is pretty accessible to all demographics...David S. Pumpkins could be Halloween's Santa!"

As for what the "S" in David S. Pumpkins stands for? According to Day, "The S stands for Simon. Some people think it's for Scary, but that's wrong." So there ya go. Happy Halloween!

Meanwhile, you can see the upcoming animated David S. Pumpkins Halloween special October 28th, at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.

Extra Tidbit: Has David S. Pumpkins replaced The Great Pumpkin as the de-facto Halloween mascot? Discuss.
Source: THR



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