Snowpiercer is next to take the TV series route

Add SNOWPIERCER to the list of feature films being adapted for the small screen, as Tomorrow Studios has optioned the rights to the 2013 Bong Joon Ho movie to become a television series.

Josh Friedman (SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and WAR OF THE WORLDS) is attached to write the script with the idea being to take the premise of a globe-spanning supertrain that holds the last of humanity and then devolves into a class system of the haves and the have-nots and somehow make a program out of that.

I really am having a bit of trouble imagining how this reimagining will shake out, given the tight story that was told in the film version. I guess we might be introduced to the various characters on the train via flashbacks and the lives they used to have before the world went to shit. That could make sense. But as far as the advancement from the back of the train toward to front for those with the most to lose, that seems to be a speed bump that would feel a bit stretched out the longer the series takes.

Then again, I'm not tasked with writing it, so we'll have to see what Friedman comes up with and who bites on this idea, given that SNOWPIERCER has much less name recognition than some of the other film-to-TV adaptations that have gotten the green light to head to series.



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