So Telltales Batman: The Enemy Within turns the Riddler into Jigsaw from Saw

I know some people aren't fans of the Telltale Games, but I love them. As someone who has terrible hand-eye coordination, it's nice to have a series of games that doesn't rely on them that much (save the rare Quicktime Event here-and-there). Not only that, but I love how your choices will change how the game concludes (even if it's more linear than it lets on). It's like an interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, and I don't mean that as an insult.

And when it comes to superheroes, their moral quandaries are often just as - if not more interesting than their physical ones. So the fact that these BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN deals with the hard choices Batman has to make as a hero appeal to me directly. Also, like the headline says, they're turning The Riddler into fucking Jigsaw from SAW...and honestly, I'm kinda into it!

Anyway, here's the launch trailer for Episode 1: "The Enigma" below to see for yourself:

Meanwhile, BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN will hit PCs and consoles tomorrow, August 8th.

Extra Tidbit: What Batman villain do you think hasn't gotten their due in videogames? Has the Ten-Eyed Man shown up yet?
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