So who will be writing Ridley Scott's new Blade Runner film?

I don't think anyone yet knows exactly what Ridley Scott is planning to do when he returns to the BLADE RUNNER franchise after almost thirty years. Heck, I'm not even sure if Sir Ridley knows what he wants to do, but he's found a guy who's going to help him figure that out. Twitch Film is reporting that Scott has been in talks with Scott Z. Burns (CONTAGION) about coming aboard to script what will become his BLADE RUNNER sequel / prequel / spinoff / reboot, etc.

Just based of what Scott is doing with PROMETHEUS and the ALIEN universe, you can probably expect something similar here. A film exploring the same themes in the same universe as the original without being directly attached in any major way.

Burns has become a recent favorite of Steven Soderbergh, having worked with him on both THE INFORMANT! and CONTAGION and currently collaborating on THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.

So if you're Scott Z. Burns and you've been tasked by Sir Ridley Scott to write a first draft for some type of BLADE RUNNER movie, where do you start? Use the Strike Back section below to pitch your version of BLADE RUNNER, be it any type of film - prequel, sequel, whatever - you think would work best. And readers, upvote your favorite concept and I'll send that person a shiny prize.

Source: Twitch



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