Sofia Vergara to seduce the Stooges?

While Peter and Bobby Farrelly continue to search for their Moe to close out the casting of the lead roles in THE THREE STOOGES, they've locked in on their first female role. Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family") is in talks to co-star in the film as a femme fatale who seduces the Stooges and tries to get them to bump off her husband.

Vergara would be seen in the second of three vignettes that make up the feature (Cher was rumored to be in talks for a part in the first segment). The film is broken up into three 27-minute parts meant to mimic the classic format of the old "Stooges" shorts. Here the three shorts have their own standalone plot while also each continuing the running plot of movie as a whole (Moe, Larry and Curly attempt to raise money to save the orphanage they grew up in).

Vergara would join the previously cast Will Sasso and Sean Hayes who have signed on to play Curly and Larry, respectively. So far, it's a vastly different project than the A-list version the Farrellys almost mobilized back in 2009 with Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn and Jim Carrey starring. That project broke apart when Penn took time off from acting after his divorce and Carrey balked at gaining all the weight necessary to play Curly.

Given how the current incarnation is shaping up, are you interested in this THREE STOOGES movie? Does the prospect of Sofia Vergara getting a grape accidentally thrown into her ample cleavage help convince you?

Source: Variety



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