Solondz Finds Home

By far one of the most interesting and under appreciated directors working today is my main man Todd Solondz. His films, which include HAPPINESS, STORYTELLING, and PALINDROMES, often deal with pedophilia, alienation and sexual deviance and have naturally had trouble finding investors and distributors in the past.

Thankfully, the progressive/transgressive minds at new indie production and finance joint Werc Werk Works have stepped in to gasp! produce and finance Solondz's latest journey into the darkest recesses of the human psyche, a proposed semi-sequel to his twisted cult classic HAPPINESS rumoured to be titled LIFE DURING WARTIME. The film is set to star Demi Moore, Paul Reubens and Emma Thompson among others, as people twittering on the edge of an unpredictable, sexually alienating world (sounds about right), and is slated to begin shooting in October.

Those in charge at Werc Werk Works aren't only interested in bringing us challenging pieces that buck trends, but also look to take advantage of digital convergence in the entertainment arena while becoming a vertically integrated film production, distribution and financing operation. Sounds like the same thing my Aunt Phyllis wants to do. All the power to them both!
Extra Tidbit: Has anyone seen Selma Blair get absolutely sexually pummeled in Solondz's STORYTELLING? It really is quite something.
Source: Variety



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