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Voted "person most likely to play me in a movie," Lost's Ian Somerhalder has signed on to romantic gothic fairy tale, CRADLEWOOD. As the current star of the CW's "Vampire Diaries," Somerhalder is no stranger to gothic romance, but what exactly is so dark and brooding about this love story?

"The movie centers on an Australian woman living in Boston with the heir (Somerhalder) to an incredible fortune whose family history is swirled in a legend that tells of a pact made with a demon which ensures that whenever a boy is born into the family, the father is killed.

The heir suspects his girlfriend is pregnant, and after strange events occur, he comes to believe he will die if he continues to fall in love.”

So in order to maintain the family name, you have to sacrifice yourself, because if you keep aborting boys to stay alive, all you have left are name-changing girls. I’m surprisingly intrigued. Producer Michel Shane explains just who this film is aimed toward:

"We see this is as almost like an American-style 'Pan's Labyrinth' in look and feel," Shane said. "It's a perfect segue for the kids who have outgrown 'Twilight' but want something romantic and scary. Our monster will be quite terrifying; she is sexually attractive and monstrous at the same time."

The monster is sexually attractive and monstrous at the same time? The characteristics of any good monster I suppose. Are we sure this isn’t a sequel to JENNIFER’S BODY?

Extra Tidbit: Yes, he's coming back to "Lost" this season, briefly.
Source: THR



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