Sommers says Joe 2

As it turns out, G.I. JOE is shaping up to NOT be the worst movie ever made, if early reviews of the film are to be believed. It’s supposed to not take itself too seriously (a definite must for the powersuit/ninja/nanobot plotline) and is reportedly just a fun, escapist experience.

So with the hope that audiences agree and show up, director Stephen Sommers firmly believes there will be a sequel and just confirmed as much during an interview with ComingSoon where he also talks about his next project, TARZAN:

“There's a couple, but mainly I'm getting very excited about doing "G.I. Joe 2." I'm working on "Tarzan" at Warner Brothers and they're a bunch of great people. (It will be) live action but we'll contemporize it. It'll still be a period movie, but it's almost like "The Mummy," it took place in Ancient Egypt and the '20s and '30s, but it felt more contemporary, that sort of deal.”

So there you have it, G.I. JOE 2 and a retro themed TARZAN. With JOE no longer looking like a disaster, and Sommers taking over TARZAN from Guillermo del Toro, things are looking up for the man. At this rate, the next thing you know he’ll be tapped to direct HALO or something.

Extra Tidbit: Sommers: “I think the anonymity of the internet makes people so vicious and negative it's kind of sad actually.” Shame on you guys.
Source: ComingSoon



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