Sony and Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes aquire Zombies vs. Robots

As a zombie lover, I've seen Zombies vs Robots but never picked it up. When you go into the comic book store, it's the same experience as going into a candy store. There's so many things that you want to try but generally (well, in my case) you go with the impulse buy.

Well, it looks like Sony has acquired the underlying rights to Zombies vs Robots for Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes. JT Petty (THE BURROWERS) has used the comic as the basis for a spec script called INHERIT THE EARTH. The premise is funny--robots fighting rabid zombies to protect the fate of the last living human baby. The robots want to clone the baby, but the zombies just want to eat the last little brain on the planet. I've heard good things about the comic; it's housed by IDW, is written by Chris Ryall (The Great and Secret Show) and illustrated by Ashley Wood (POPBOT).

Bay certainly has experience with robots and action, but now he gets to enter the world of zombies. Is he ready? Will he make them all Victoria Secret models walking away from explosions? Currently he is only producing, not directing. It should be a mindless entertainment flick, nothing more.

Side note: If you haven't experienced the epic art of Ashley Wood, check it out here. I love the original covers he did for 30 Days of Night.

Extra Tidbit: RIP Dwayne McDuffie. You will be missed. There's a spot in Heaven's Justice League just for you. :)
Source: Deadline



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