Sony & Marvel web up a group of directors for their Spider-Man franchise

While Sony & Marvel are looking to narrow down their list of Spider-Man candidates before his first Marvel appearance in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, they're also looking for a director who will take the helm of Spider-Man's first solo film since his return to Marvel. Deadline has reported that six directors are currently being eyed for that privilege; who might they be? All you have to do to find out is shift your eyes slightly downward. There you go.

Currently in the mix are Jonathan Levine (50/50), Ted Melfi (ST.VINCENT), Jason Moore (PITCH PERFECT), John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein (VACATION), and Jared Hess (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE). Deadline mentions that this list is hardly all-inclusive, so a different director could easily take home the job. Absent from this list is Drew Goddard, who was previously rumoured to be taking on both writing and directing duties on the new Spidey flick.

Deadline's report also makes mention that Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal are planning for a Spider-Man arc which will span three to four movies, with each film covering a year of high school for Peter Parker. The tone the studios are searching for is a coming of age tale with "John Hughes humor and emotion." In addition, the character of Peter Parker will have already been bitten by that pesky radioactive spider so we'll be spared yet another Spider-Man origin story.

The SPIDER-MAN REBOOT will hit theaters on July 28, 2017.

There you have it folks, if this list should pan out who would you like to see take on Spider-Man's next film?

Source: Deadline



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