Sony reveals dates for two Spider-Man Universe movies in 2020

Sony Pictures has revealed two new dates in 2020 for a pair of films belonging to their Spider-Man Universe. The first is an untitled Sony-Marvel project set for July 10, 2020, with an untitled sequel looking to web up an October 2, 2020 debut. While the studio did not confirm what titles will be occupying those spaces, it's likely that Sony's upcoming MORBIUS film will look to sink its fangs into fans come July 2020. Directing the vampire comic book action drama is SAFEHOUSE director Daniel Espinosa, with SUICIDE SQUAD and BLADE RUNNER: 2049 star Jared Leto looking to rise as the project's title character. Morbius first came about in 1971 courtesy of The Amazing Spider-Man #101 comic book. In the comics, Morbius is a scientist seeking a cure as well as retribution for his accursed blood disease. Throughout his comic book history, Morbius has arrived as both a villain as well as a hero. How Sony will play the character in their new film is still anyone's guess.

In looking at the date of October 2, 2020, I would say it's a sure thing that a VENOM sequel will occupy that spot. After a few weeks of release, director Ruben Fleischer's symbiote buddy action comedy starring Tom Hardy webbed up a total of $570 million at the worldwide box office, with an additional $215 million coming from China as well. It goes without saying that Sony will want to keep the Venom train a'chuggin', as it proved to be a surprisingly entertaining lauch pad for the studio's curious Spider-Man plans.

Are you pumped for MORBIUS? What did you think of Tom Hardy's VENOM? What other Spider-Man characters would you like to see get the Spider-Verse treatment? Personally, I'd like to see a something akin to Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber's 2014 comic book series, The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. The series features Boomerang as the leader of The Sinister Six, which includes the villains Shocker, Speed Demon, Overdrive and the new Beetle. The series carries a Guy Ritchie's SNATCH vibe to it, and finds the characters in over their heads as they attempt to boost themselves up the villain foodchain. It's hilarious, action-packed, and is yet another series where Spider-Man doesn't necessarily have to be involved. Make it happen, Sony!

Source: Sony Pictures



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