Sophia's Narrow Bush

Sophia Bush Now that Sophia Bush is done being terrorized by vindictive video game spirits and psychotic hitchhikers, she's moving on to surprisingly age-appropriate crime drama. The film, which also co-stars Eddie Cahill and Vincent D’Onofrio, is titled THE NARROWS and she had this to say of the story and her character: "“It’s a sort of ‘Donnie Brasco’/'Goodfellas’ mafia story…I kind of end up being a window for this wonderful boy from his world into the world that he’s trying to get to.” So she's a window, huh? Let's just hope she's a ridiculously sexy window. Honestly, what's the point of being a window if you can't be an insanely hot window? The film comes from director François Velle and writer Tatiana Blackington and is currently in production presumably for a release next year.

Sophia Bush

Extra Tidbit: Bush was originally cast as Kate Brewster in TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES but, after a few days on set, was replaced with Claire Danes when director Jonathan Mostow deemed her "too young" for the role.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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