Sossamon, Jones and Rea

Shannyn Sossamon, Vinnie Jones and Stephen Rea (V FOR VENDETTA) have signed on to star in the movie THE HEAVY. The crime thriller revolves around a henchman (Gary Stretch) who is forced to settle a debt to his shady boss (Rea) by assassinating his own brother, a politician. The plans of mice and men go awry when the would-be assassin gets involved with a student (Sossamon) whose flat he is using for the hit and a corrupt detective (Jones) picks up his trail.

I think this sounds like a pretty sweet project. I'll always love Vinnie Jones, since my entire family are die-hard Leeds United fans. No matter how many SWORDFISH-esque movies he makes, he's always cool by me. And continuing the British link, Gary Stretch gets - as far as I can tell - his long deserved starring role. If you haven't seen DEAD MAN'S SHOES, check it out, he's great in it. Although I'm not sure exactly how much more good fortune Stretch deserves, given the fact that he was once married to Roselyn Sanchez. I would have thought his good luck would have maxed out at this point.

This will mark writer/director Marcus Warren's film debut.
Extra Tidbit: Good old Vinnie.



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