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There are many things that make a movie what it is. It all starts with a story (according to what every How-To book on screenwriting tells us), there is the director and his crew, there are the actors, who bust their asses to bring a vision to life. Then comes the wonderful world of post-production. What is one result of that? The music. Soundtracks enhance the movie going experience. They can make us cry, they can pump us up, they can make us remember the 80's. Whether it be a musical band or a composer, soundtracks help our favorite movies stay etched in our mind forever.

Summer time is when the big boys come out to play, and we're in for some treats for the Summer of 2013. Some of the greatest composers working today have come from all over to keep strong collaborations going, to establish new legacies, to evoke terror, to convey a hero coming back from the brink of darkness. If all this sh*t doesn't roll into one epic Summer what will? What is more wonderful is I'm thinking there is work I haven't covered in this article that will come out of nowhere and knock our hair back. The recently released Oblivion fell into that category for me. But here is a bit of what we have to look forward to this year:


The legacy that is the iconic Superman score from the man himself John Williams has left Hans Zimmer so much to live up to. No doubt Zimmer felt the pressure himself, who wouldn’t? But then the latest Man of Steel trailer hit the scene and for many that fear and doubt was deservedly put to rest. So many emotions were brought to the surface when hearing what Hans came up with, and let’s just say it is fitting for the whole other level of heroics that Superman represents. And the best part about it is, a three minute trailer is only scratching the surface of what Hans Zimmer pulled off. You know a lesson is to be learned by all of this, often times when it pertains to movies I have feared change…as painfully boring as that misfire Superman Returns film was it felt nostalgic to Donner’s vision and had that classic Williams theme front and center. With Man of Steel, my ears and my mind have so far been opened.


Bryan Tyler had a lot to convey with his work on Iron Man 3, from what I’ve heard of it thus far he did that job beautifully. Tony Stark’s tale in this film is one of being lost and then found physically and emotionally, a theme that was a bit touched on in Iron Man 2 but seems to be the very core of this film. These more mature themes are right up newcomer to the series Shane Black’s alley. The track I’ve chosen to feature perfectly captures Tony Stark having recently pulled himself back from the edge he was standing on for what is probably most of the film to come back and whoop some ass like he knows how to do. Bottom line, obviously Iron Man 3 feels like the biggest of the three, and according to some recent rumors possibly the last of the solo Iron Man films. If true, Bryan Tyler seems to have helped this series of films go out with a hell of a lot of glorious grandeur.


Michael Giacchino is hands down one of my favorite composers working today. If anyone can be dubbed another generation of John Williams caliber composing, it’s him. Giacchino did great work on the first Star Trek and I expect nothing less, okay maybe a bit more for his work on this much anticipated sequel. Aside from the trailer, even Michael’s score for this film have been shrouded in mystery…it’s a JJ Abrams film can’t say that I am particularly surprised. The score will no doubt be epic in scope, but there are moments in this film that I’m sure will make for some smaller more subtle cues that I can’t wait for. Giacchino has done brilliantly in the name of JJ Abrams, of course he has knocked it out the park once again.


You know, in my case the verdict is still out and how much I am actually anticipating World War Z as a film…but hey, this is Marco Beltrami we are talking about here. I’m sure no matter the quality of horror that makes its way to the screen Beltrami will help the proceedings. Beltrami has done great work in the realm of horror with films like Scream, The Faculty, and Resident Evil. I loved his work with Hellboy which says he will be able to cover plenty of ground with World War Z. The track I’ve selected to feature definitely captures perfectly the terror of a horde of supercharged zombies trekking your way. I’m looking forward to hearing the score in all its glory.


The work that Martinez graced us with for his last collaboration with Refn in Drive pretty much knocked me on my ass, it added a whole other level of atmosphere to a film that arguably didn’t even need it…but you’re glad as hell Cliff Martinez was hired. Has Martinez captured lightning in a bottle once again with Only God Forgives? My gut instinct tells me hell yes! In a summer of epic scores that will definitely remind a lot of us why we love cinema, this more stylized film and the music that will accompany will be a real treat. Unfortunately I couldn’t track down a sample of Cliff’s work to post for you guys, so the kick ass song entitled “Tur Kue Kwam Fun”, which translates to “you are my dream” will have to suffice.

Extra Tidbit: Any soundtracks not on this list you have your eyes on folks?
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