Space Jam 2 is coming with LeBron James as the lead: No word on Bill Murray

"Well, he said he wanted to be better than MJ, now’s his chance to prove it!" said JoBlo himself when commenting on this news, but I think some of you are going to be little less kind about SPACE JAM 2, especially if you agreed with this week's C'mon, Hollywood! Besides being inspired by Bane recently, Deadline is reporting LeBron James will also star in SPACE JAM 2, a sequel to the "classic" 1996 film. The original movie featured Michael Jordan teaming up with Looney Tunes characters for an epic basketball game, as well as a bunch of cameos from then-current NBA players, sports commentators, and of course, Bill Murray as Bill Murray.

On board to produce with Warner Bros. are the Ebersol brothers, sons of broadcast veteran Dick Ebersol. Charlie Ebersol is probably best known for his unscripted television shows like THE MOMENT, and SPACE JAM 2 is his first major film deal. The screenplay will also be a first for Willie Ebersol, who won an Emmy for the London Olympic. No details on the plot for SPACE JAM 2, or if Bill Murray will be back.

While SPACE JAM is loved by many who grew up watching the movie, it's more because of nostalgia then due to the film's quality. But that's also one of the reasons why people still think fondly of the first movie. I'm sure you all have something to say about this, so let's hear it: what are your thoughts on SPACE JAM 2 with LeBron James?

Source: Deadline



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