Spacey returns as Lex

Not much is known about SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL other than Bryan Singer is returning to direct the sequel with Brandon Routh again starring as Superman. But now we know a little more, like who the villain will be. Sadly it will again be Lex Luthor. Kevin Spacey has signed on to reprise his role as Superman's arch-nemesis in the sequel, which will begin filming next spring. Singer met with Spacey recently in New York to go over his outline for the next film. Spacey was intrigued enough to sign with Warner Bros. for another round of superhero torture. At the same time, Singer apprised WB of the direction he'd like to take MAN OF STEEL, which writer Mike Dougherty is currently scripting. WB exec Alan Horn said they're excited about making the SUPERMAN sequel but with a drastically reduced budget. Instead of the $250 million spent the first time around, they're looking to shave about $100 million off the budget. As previously reported, Singer will film VALKYRIE and THE MAYOR OF CASTRO STREET before starting work on MAN OF STEEL.

Extra Tidbit: Spacey will begin work on SUPERMAN after finishing up a Broadway run of David Mamet's "Speed the Plow."
Source: Variety



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