Special effects artist Greg Nicotero talks Django Unchained

Quite a few of you have read the script for Quentin Tarantino's DJANGO UNCHAINED. From those who have read it, I've heard nothing but great things. While I may not agree with Tarantino on DRIVE being a "nice try", I'm still excited for whatever he puts out.

Special effects artist Greg Nicotero has worked with Tarantino on several of his films including PULP FICTION and both KILL BILL installments. Nicotero shared a little of his thoughts on the cast, script, and Tarantino's style of filmmaking. Nothing exactly new here but nice to get some positive feedback on the film.

"I love the script for 'Django,' I think it's great. Jaimie Foxx and Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio, Kurt Russell, Kerry Washington, it's what I love about Quentin is that he is and will forever be an old school filmmaker."

"There are not a lot of special effects. It's all about his actors and it's so cinematic for him. We don't shoot anything digital, he uses film, one camera, we don't have five cameras shooting. That's it. It's inspiring. It's inspiring to think about the fact that that's how movies were made for years and years and years, and I'm not saying that digital technology doesn't have its positives, but I love that Quentin is old school."

Extra Tidbit: Greg Nicotero also brings his magic touch to the zombies of THE WALKING DEAD.
Source: MTV



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