Special effects-heavy take on the myth of Theseus finds a director

Immortals Minotaur

Following hot on the heels of 2011's IMMORTALS comes another Greek mythology epic starring the legendary Theseus, though I expect that this one will be a bit more on the traditional side of things when it comes to his mythology and journey.

THESEUS will be the Hollywood debut of Bulgarian director Javor Gardev, who won Best Director for his movie ZIFT at the Moscow International Film Festival.  It will be "a special effects-heavy take on the Greek myth of the minotaur monster and the hero who defeated it," with backing from Kalliope Films (HANSEL AND GRETEL IN 3D).  Joseph C. Pepe (AVATAR) has been brought on to take care of character design, while Korey Cauchon (SPIDER-MAN 2, SUCKER PUNCH) will handle the movie's extensive visual effects.

I'm not sure what you thought about the creatures of AVATAR - I know that I may have enjoyed them at the time, but that in the years since I've never once remembered what they looked like or how they acted. But like I said, they worked well at the time.  So that's something, I guess?

The lead character of Theseus himself is currently being cast.

Minotaur WOTT

Extra Tidbit: Which re-imagining of the Theseus/Minotaur/Labyrinth battle did you like more, IMMORTALS or WRATH OF THE TITANS?



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