Speed director Jan de Bont goes to China with Zhang Ziyi for Mulan

We haven't seen much work in the past few years from director Jan de Bont -- although if you endured SPEED 2, THE HAUNTING or TOMB RAIDER 2, you may not have minded his absence. He hasn't had much luck since then either, with the giant shark project MEG never surfacing and his John Cusack vehicular action movie STOPPING POWER fatally crashing just before filming.

Now de Bont is heading to China and hooking up with gorgeous actress Zhang Ziyi for an English-language live-action retelling of the popular legend of HUA MULAN, a tale also brought to screens in the 1998 Disney animated movie. Director Chuck Russell (ERASER, THE MASK) was previously associated with the project.

Zhang, who has been pushing the movie for years as a producer, will play the famous young heroine who joins an all-male army. (No wise-cracking dragon sidekick this time.) While I'm not crazy about her elegant beauty being suppressed for the role, it will certainly be nice to see the CROUCHING TIGER whirlwind kick some ass again.

Extra Tidbit: Zhang voiced the role of villainess Karai in the CG-animated TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.
Source: THR



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