Speed Racer poster!

The most recent release of the SPEED RACER trailer managed to get a ton of debate going on it (we received close to 50 different opinions on it HERE -- or click HERE to see the high resolution trailer), and today we've got the first look at the poster for the film, written and directed by the Wachowski brothers (or siblings, whatever!). The poster is apparently a lenticular one in theaters, but you can't really see that from the picture below.

The film is poised to hit the big screen on May 9, 2008 and you can also check out its official site RIGHT HERE (although there ain't all that much going on over there right now). I'm still "in the middle" on this film. I dig the Wachos and all, certainly appreciate the original spin on the visuals and all that, but someone mentioned that it looked a little too much like Robert Rodriguez's crappy flicks (like the SPY KIDS sequels and that flick he wrote with his 6-year old boy, SHARKBOY/LAVAGIRL), so I'm still gonna hold out a little to see where this all goes. That said, I am hoping that the flick comes through in a big way!

Extra Tidbit: This kinda sucks, but Christina Ricci apparently stopped growing after the age of 10 (she's 5'1"). Thankfully for us, her breasts continued to grow until she was 22 (rent BUFFALO '66 and thank me later).
Source: JoBlo.com



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