New Spider-Man starts shooting in two weeks; Guardians 3 to begin in 2019

We know very little about the Marvel films beyond AVENGERS 4, and only that the lineup includes SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3. Those are two big hitters for the MCU, and ones that will have fans cramming into theater seats. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently gave an update on their production schedules, saying Spidey will start soon and GOTG will begin at the start of the new year.

Feige was speaking with Collider during the press tour for ANT-MAN AND THE WASP, and it was there he said FAR FROM HOME will start shooting in about two weeks, which is right about when CAPTAIN MARVEL finishes. On top of that, director/writer James Gunn has turned in the first draft for GOTG, which will start shooting in 2019. I'm starting to get the sense they're very busy over at Marvel Studios

“[Writer/director] James [Gunn] has delivered a draft and we begin official pre-production on that very, very soon. It’ll be shooting early next year. Captain Marvel finishes in about two weeks, Spider-Man starts in about two weeks, and then Guardians 3 will start early next year.”

Given its 2019 release, we knew SPIDER-MAN would have to start shooting some webs soon, and it looks like the new flick will start about a year before its release next July. Marvel is still keeping things very close to the chest when it comes to the details, but we have heard Jake Gyllenhaal is up for the role of the villain Mysterio. As for GUARDIANS, Feige’s quote comes right as Gunn posted of pic of the first VOL. 3 draft, which sparks more questions about how it will handle the whole, you know, INFINITY WAR ending.


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As you all must know by now, virtually all the Guardians kicked the bucket at the end of INFINITY WAR (save Rocket), although Gamora met a more violent fate than the others, as she was thrown off a mountain by Thanos. Who knows how that will all be resolved for VOL. 3, but Gunn has said this will be the final iteration of this team, and that the Guardians will look much different by the end of the movie. Does that mean it will look different at the beginning as well? Now there’s a “Woah” moment for ya.

Catch ANT-MAN AND THE WASP in theaters July 6. 

Source: Collider



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