Spider-Man's stunt costume in action and a closer glimpse at the webshooters

Okay so before you freak out, this most likely just a stunt costume and not the final look.

Here we get some sort of idea of what the mask will look like. The eyes on this seem to be a bit bigger than the ones from the Raimi films. The middle of the eye is red, but again, stunt costume. Notice that the costume here is a lot brighter than the one we saw in the first official pic as seen above. This may have something to do with the visuals that will be seen in the film. There's also not as much visible detail on the suit, which gives it a more bare bones look.

Now we move to what I'm assuming are the webshooters, those little silver disks that are attached to the wrist area of the costume. The question then is, are they the mechanical ones or something more techy for the organic web shooting? The last thing to mention are what appear to be slip on soles for the feet of the suit. I'm not sure if those will stay there either.

Check out the photo and silently or non-silently judge it.

Extra Tidbit: Or he could wear this costume...
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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