Spidey 4 in 2010?

SPIDER-MAN, Tobey Maguire The folks at the IESB recently got some scoopage about SPIDER-MAN 4 from Marvel Vice Chairman Peter Cuneo. He's of the belief that considering Sony has renewed their rights to the character, they'd likely wanna move on the sequel as soon as possible with a release around 2010 or so. Here's what he had to say: "As far as Spider-man 4, it's really up to Sony and it up to them, most likely scenario is 2010 or 2011 but we can't speak for them and I think that we don't know. They have given us their re-up payment for that film so you know they're going to make it within a reasonable timeframe. Sony may be looking at some issues with the cast and so on, I think they have to make some decisions." Sony's already commissioned ZODIAC scribe James Vanderbilt to bang out a script and his idea apparently explores a two-film arc, leading to speculation that SPIDER-MAN 4 and 5 will be filmed back-to-back, but this is all contingent on whether Sony can get Sam Raimi and the original cast back on board and if not, how fast they can get replacements. Thoughts?

Extra Tidbit: Any villains in particular anybody would like to see in SPIDER-MAN 4?
Source: IESB.net



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