Spidey replacement?

UPDATE: Sony told Coming Soon that "there is no truth to the rumor that the studio is looking to replace Tobey Maguire in the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in future "Spider-Man" movies." That's the official statement... but that doesn't mean they aren't discussing it behind the scenes, especially since nobody is under contract to return.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who noted the general lack of commitment -- or enthusiasm -- from the SPIDER-MAN principals when asked about returning for a fourth movie (even less surprising given the response to SPIDER-MAN 3), but rumors are circulating that Sony is actively seeking a different young actor to wear the webs in the planned (and possibly back-to-back) sequels.

Latino Review claims that the producers are tossing around names for potential consideration as a new Peter Parker, and that Patrick Fugit (ALMOST FAMOUS) and Michael Anganaro (SKY HIGH, THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM) are on their "maybe" list.

Then again, CHUD found out from the producers of Fugit's current project CIRQUE DU FREAK that the actor didn't know anything about it, and wisely point out that the people behind SPIDER-MAN 4 (& 5) are probably just simply putting together a giant list of (cost-effective) young actors who sorta-kinda resemble Peter Parker and who could be candidates, should the production go in a recasting direction.

The cynic in me would take that a step further and posit that someone involved in the SPIDEY camp floated those names to Latino Review to gauge the fan response online (it wouldn't be the first time). Either way, signs seem to point to Sony forging ahead with webhead but without the team behind the initial trilogy (the studio, who still retains control of the character, currently has writer Jamie Vanderbilt working on the new script(s)). I certainly don't have an issue with some fresh blood (actors AND director), particularly after suffering through the third movie...
Extra Tidbit: Since we're throwing names around for a new Peter, I'll suggest Charlie Cox, who showed in STARDUST that he can do both awkward and heroic.
Source: Latino ReviewCHUD



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