Spielberg-A-palooza: the director talks to James Cameron & JJ Abrams, and Jon Favreau (with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer)

If you love the work of filmmaker Steven Spielberg and you've got a chunk of time to spare, you might want to check this out.

The Directors Guild of America recently celebrated their 75th Anniversary by paying tribute to the director. The panel discussion also featured directors JJ Abrams and James Cameron (plus moderator Michael Apted)

The full event runs nearly two hours and the mutual admiration gets pretty thick, but there's loads of entertaining and fascinating insight into Spielberg's processes and influences (and filmmaking in general). You can check it out RIGHT HERE.

Meanwhile, director Jon Favreau continues the casual interviews he began with his COWBOYS & ALIENS star Harrison Ford, this time sitting down with producer Spielberg, along with Ron Howard and his manga-haired producing partner Brian Grazer.

Their engaging chat is portioned into more concise snippets, but still contains a good amount of amusing and enlightening anecdotes for anyone with an appreciation of cinema. Check out the first segment below and the rest RIGHT HERE.



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