Spielberg? War Horse?? Pssh, Fox rebooting Mr. Ed instead

Get the carrots ready! While DreamWorks is gunning for an Oscar with their horse film, Fox is going a different route, planning a big-screen reboot of the classic 1960s talking horse show MR. ED. Here's the good news: unlike MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS, YOGI BEAR and ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, MR. ED won't feature a CGI cartoon-style animal. Instead, producers have cast Sarah Jessica Parker to star as the talking horse. Hey-ohhhh!

In actuality, the film will use a real horse but will use CGI to make the horse's lips move. That stands in stark contrast to the 1960s when a producer would work nylon strings attached to a horse's mouth and work it to the puppet. While the old carrot-in-the-butt tale made for a great story, unfortunately it was nothing but an urban legend.

Now if your kids really want to see a funny talking horse movie (no SEX AND THE CITY jokes, please...) you should just go out and rent 1988's HOT TO TROT. Bobcat Goldthwait at the height of his fame, John Candy voicing the horse and Dabney Coleman being Dabney Coleman. Then again, there was that scene where Don the Horse orders an inflatable horse to have sex with so maybe that's not best for the kids...

No word on when MR. ED might begin filming but there's no writer or director attached yet.

Source: THR



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