Spike is bringing Stephen King's The Mist to series

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So much for making a pilot and seeing how it turns out. Spike is jumping right into a series order for a television adaptation of Stephen King's THE MIST

The show has been picked up for a 10-episode first season with production set to get underway over the summer for a launch on the cable network sometime in 2017. Word is that those calling the shots at Spike were that excited about the pitch they got and the script that accompanied it for the pilot that they went right ahead and gave the green light on THE MIST. 

Spike is hoping to make THE MIST its first scripted drama series in nine years and such a distinction comes after plans for RED MARS and HARVEST to hold such a honor fell through. It's a major responsibility for the show to shoulder, but, if it turns out anywhere near as good as Frank Darabont's feature-length adaptation, Spike will be happy with their decision.


Source: Spike



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