Spoiler character reveal for Total Recall remake is rather intriguing, plus new images!

UPDATE: After speaking to our Sony reps, we have been told that Mr. Hawke will NOT be in the final cut of the film.

Whoa.  I had no idea about this concept or "character" but now that I've found out I'm even more intrigued by the TOTAL RECALL remake from director Len Wiseman (UNDERWORLD). I'm going to top load these new images as a buffer before the spoiler.  Do NOT proceed to the end if you wish to remain spoiler free.  You've been warned.

Here's the new pics:

Okay, spoiler-time, baby.  So, I had no idea that Ethan Hawke was in the remake of TOTAL RECALL, but not only is he in the film, but he plays a major role.  Here's what producer Toby Jaffe had to say about Hawke's involvement:

“Not to give away too much, but one of the big differences between the earlier film and this film is that not only do they erase his memory but they change the way he looks, so he has a different face. Ethan plays who he was before they wiped his mind and changed his face.”

So, not giving "too much away" translates to "letting the cat out of the bag" apparantly.  So, both Colin Farrell and Ethan Hawke will play Doug Quaid, just at different times in his life.  Very cool.  I don't mind knowing this, however.  In fact, it gives me more incentive to see the remake, which I never would've contemplated prior to seeing the new trailer. 

I'm really hoping for a cool, sleek, action-filled sci-fi flick with the remake and thus far it's selling itself well.  Fingers crossed.

TOTAL RECALL takes you on a mind vacation on August 3, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Ethan Hawke for the win. This guy needs to be in more movies. What's your favorite Hawke role? I'm still stuck on Training Day.
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