Spoiler-filled sneak peek from Cloud Atlas with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry

CLOUD ATLAS, the upcoming film from the Waschowski's and Tom Tykwer, has had some rather out-of-the-box marketing from the get go and this new sneak peek fits that bill just the same.  Since I haven't seen the film yet, I can't say if this is a direct clip from the movie or an intricately cut vinette, but it's compelling-and spoilery-nonetheless.  The sneak peek definitely contains some key spoilers, so if you're keen on remaining spoiler-free, consider yourself warned.

Take a look:

Tracing the interwoven lives and stories of characters throughout time, CLOUD ATLAS is swimming in ambiguity and the usual visual punch of the filmmakers involved.  My ticket has been sold since the first mega-trailer debuted, but I'm still concerned that the whole thing could be too big.  If they manage to pull it off and the film lives up to the hype, then I have no doubt this will be something exceptional.  Our own Chris Bumbray saw the film at TIFF and quite enjoyed it.  Check out his review here.

CLOUD ATLAS, starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Susan Sarandon, Keith David, Hugh Grant, Jim Sturgess, James D'Arcy, Xun Zhou, Jim Broadbent, and Ben Whishaw journeys to theaters on October 26, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: I think I'm more excited to see Tom Hanks in a good movie again more than anything. It's been a while...
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