Spoilers: Felicity Jones drops some new knowledge on her role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Felicity Jones hasn't exactly been mum when it comes to her role in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. When asked if she was going to play the role of Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, the actress seemed caught off guard holding out a long "um" then saying, "Yeah, that would be wonderful if that happens, yes." You have to excuse her, she's new.

But maybe she wasn't really giving it away. In an interview with View London, Jones delivers more on the role that she is playing in the Spidey sequel. There are definitely spoilers here so I've left them after this lovely photo.

When asked if she could reveal her role in the film, Jones said this:

"It’s all quite shrouded in secrecy, but I’m the Goblin’s girlfriend - I’m in a relationship with him, and his accomplice. I’m on the dark side."

Then the site prodded more asking for a name:

"I can’t say actually. It’s all in the vaults of Marvel. I love all that secrecy, I think it’s great. It builds anticipation, there’s too much transparency in everything these days."

As far as I know, unless there was some recent development, Black Cat never dated an Osborne. She did date Flash Thompson, but was always hung up on Peter. The folks over at IndieWire did more digging and suspect that she might be playing Lily Hollister aka Menace. That character does in fact date Harry Osborne and finds her own powers when she accidentally infects herself with Goblin Serum. Now, they could change things up and have Black Cat date Harry. It's not unusual for a character experience a change to fit into a flick. Regardless it sounds like we have yet another baddie unless Jones is throwing us off the trail. If you want to know more about Menace (spoilers there as well), you can check this character bio out. I've given you the two versions of the character below-- one that is made to look like a villain and the other one with some sex appeal.



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