Spring Breakers to get a sequel; script by the author of Trainspotting

SPRING BREAKERS, the controversial indie from director Harmony Korine starring Vanessa Hudgens, James Franco, and Selena Gomez, is getting a sequel. The just announced SPRING BREAKERS: THE SECOND COMING is the follow-up you never knew you needed or wanted! Now with even less Franco, Hudgens, Gomez, and Korine!

Screen Daily broke the news directly from Wild Bunch chief Vincent Maraval who said the plot will follow the titular Spring Breakers as they "battle an extreme militant Christian sect that tries to convert them". The plot sounds more like a grindhouse feature from Quentin Tarantino rather than the first film. We also don't know who in the cast will be returning, if anyone. We do know that the screenplay was written by TRAINSPOTTING author Irvine Welsh and it will be directed by music video helmer Jonus Akerlund.

“It’s not a direct sequel although there are allusions to some of the characters in the original,” says Maraval, adding there will be a mix of new and old cast in the production.

I was extremely underwhelmed by SPRING BREAKERS last year and found it to be highly overrated. James Franco's performance was over the top and crazy but not Oscar worthy as many suggested. This sequel sounds like another in a long line of sequels that end up disappearing without any fanfare. It all depends on which actors from the first film return as to whether it is worth watching.

Maraval also announced Wild Bunch is producing Paul Verhoeven's psychological thriller OH! as well as a remake of 1980s horror classic MANIAC COP, produced by Nicolas Winding Refn and William Lustig. Wild Bunch definitely has some intriguing projects on their slate and are preparing to make more announcements at this year's Cannes Film Festival. SPRING BREAKERS: THE SECOND COMING has no release date at this time.

Source: Screen Daily



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