Stallone enters The Tomb... with Schwarzenegger?

The Summit thriller THE TOMB has had a fascinating life cycle -- it started out as a Bruce Willis project that would have reunited him with TEARS OF THE SUN director Antoine Fuqua. When they both abandoned the project, Willis' fellow Action Veteran Sylvester Stallone stepped in.

Now AICN is claiming there's another intriguing turn in the tale: the possible addition of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The old chums must've had a blast recently while filling hundreds of henchmen with bullets on THE EXPENDABLES 2 and are itching to work together again.

The story of THE TOMB "follows Ray Breslin, the world's foremost authority on structural security -- specifically prisons. His skills are put to the test when he is framed and put in a high-security prison of his own design and must find the person who put him there."

Schwarzenegger was apparently also briefly interested in playing Breslin before opting instead for THE LAST STAND with Korean director Jee-woon Kim (THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD). Now AICN hears that Arnie is in discussions to join the project in a different role that has his interest -- perhaps the antagonist?

The movie does still need a director. Maybe Sly got on well with his EXPENDABLES 2 director Simon West, or (even better) his BULLET TO THE HEAD director Walter Hill?

Extra Tidbit: Sure they've held up well, but why couldn't this sort of movie happen in the 80s when these guys were in their beefy A-list prime?
Source: AICN



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