Stallone has finally cracked!

Some time back around when COP LAND was released, everyone predicted Sylvester Stallone was on the verge of a major comeback.  Gone were the mindless action films like DAYLIGHT and even more mindless comedies like STOP OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT and in its place, smart, character driven movies with solid scripts.  Somewhere in between then and now, Stallone fell off the wagon. Like an alcoholic jonesin for a bottle, Sly needed his fix of crappy movies and slowly crept back into the world after a few stinkers (DRIVEN was hardly the new Sly that was promised).  If what he says now about ROCKY 6 is even remotely true, someone (hell, everyone) needs to sit this poor soul down and have a good old-fashioned intervention. 

Yes, that's right - I said ROCKY 6! Stallone was out promoting his latest suckfest D-TOX and when asked about any more ROCKY or RAMBO sequels the man spoke out.  "It's true that I've written a story for ROCKY VI...this one will hopefully bring forward Rocky's more spiritual side. I really love this character, he's a part of me and I'm longing to bring him back. There are guys my age who still box, after all." But when asked about RAMBO, he says that character is "dead and buried." Hmm.....interesting logic. RAMBO 4 is completely out of the question but ROCKY 6? - sure!!  I find myself wanting to editorialize on this more but I just don't see the point.  The man is gone.  There's no helping him now.

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