Stallone talks sequels

The boys at AICN are holding one long-ass fan Q & A session with Sylvester Stallone and have gotten the deal with what seems like every single project, rumored and real, he's recently been attached to. Of most immediate concern, of course, is RAMBO IV, for which Sly confirms the subtitle is no longer the bestiality porn-ish IN THE SERPENT'S EYE but rather PEARL OF THE COBRA. So now one title can call to mind two different Stallone films. Also, for better or for worse, the older, wiser Rambo will not be shooting any explosive arrows in IV: "Rambo lived in the remote part of a jungle in Thailand and would not have access to fresh explosives nor does he want part of that life style anymore, but he will use a bow." As for a RAMBO V, Stallone says it could happen but it all depends on how PEARL OF THE COBRA is recieved.

Also touched upon was the possibility of Stallone starring in Quentin Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, if that film ever happens. He apparently has yet to get a definite offer for the project but said that, considering he wanted to work on GRINDHOUSE but was unable to due to his Rocky/Rambo revitalization, he would surely take a role in the film. To read more about these projects as well as the status on other ones like HUNTER, POE, NIGHTHAWKS, and NOTORIOUS, head HERE to read the latest part (part 5) of the interview, and click the appropriate links to read earlier sections. Apparently, more are to come in the next several days.

Extra Tidbit: That's Claudia Schiffer with Sly in the pic above.
Source: AICNDark Horizons



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