Star Joel Kinnaman reveals some RoboCop reboot details

I know feelings for a reboot of the beloved ROBOCOP are mixed to say the least, but soon-to-be part man/part machine/all cop Joel Kinnaman ("The Killing") had some words to say about the upcoming actioner. For those on the fence, perhaps there's something here to be hopeful for?

In an interview with MTV, Kinnaman gave some interesting details on what we can expect from director José Padilha's reality-based re-interpretation:

"There’s a lot of neuroscience now raising the question, ‘Is all the intelligence in the human body in the brain?’ and they’re finding out that, no, it’s not like that. The body has intelligence itself, and we’re much more of an organic creature in that way. It’s not a control tower that does everything."

"RoboCop is going to be a lot more human. The first movie is one of my favorite movies. I love it. Of course, Verhoeven has that very special tone, and it’s not going to have that tone. It’s a re-imagination of it. There’s a lot of stuff from the original. There are some details and throwbacks, but this version is a much better acting piece, for Alex Murphy and especially when he is RoboCop. It’s much more challenging."

Since the character will be taking on more "human" characteristics this time around, RoboCop's general look will also be more reflective of that:

"It's not going to be jaw action. They’re still working on the suit and how it’s going to look, but the visor is going to be see-through," he said. "You’re going to see his eyes."

So what do you guys think? Any chance this could turn out to be a worthwhile re-interpretation?
Source: MTV



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