Star Trek Beyond cast talk costumes, secrecy, and other reveals from the set

The Star Trek franchise celebrates its fiftieth anniversary later this year and fortunately Star Trek fans will be able to enjoy a new Star Trek film on the big-screen to celebrate. STAR TREK BEYOND is the third entry in J.J. Abrams' soft reboot of the long running franchise, but this time it has FAST & FURIOUS director Justin Lin at the helm. The film's first trailer rubbed some Star Trek fans the wrong way, including STAR TREK BEYOND co-writer Simon Pegg who said that he "didn’t love it, because I know there’s a lot more to the film." With Pegg's promise that the actual film would feature more "Star Trek stuff," I'm still eagerly awaiting another trip to the Enterprise.

Entertainment Tonight was able to visit the Enterprise recently, and several cast members were on hand to spill a few details about the upcoming film, including Karl Urban (McCoy) talking about the film's new uniforms:

It's gone back, it's a little retro which I really like, it's the 50th anniversary, the designers have done a wonderful job of giving a lovely nod to Star Treks of the past.

Many films nowadays take great precautions to make sure nothing leaks out, and STAR TREK BEYOND is no different in that regard; Karl Urban said that the cast "got red scripts that have our names printed on them, there are specific spelling mistakes incorporated into each draft, so that if it were to get out, they could still track it back to whose script it was." I'd hate to be the cast or crew member who left that laying around. John Cho (Sulu) also popped in to chat and he revealed something which may be considered a spoiler by some folks, so if you'd like to find out Cho's big reveal, scroll on down.

At the beginning of the movie, we're all homesick, we're all getting into our ruts and I think we've been around each other too long. Sulu has a heartache for his little baby, [He] has brought his picture to his console, which technically, we've been saying, it's unprofessional. It's in the way of the buttons.

John Cho went on to say that there's another revelation about Sulu's child, but that you'll "have to wait to see the movie" to find out. Sulu was revealed to have had a daughter in STAR TREK: GENERATIONS, so this news doesn't come as a huge surprise, but I welcome any opportunity to discover more about the lives of our new Star Trek crew.

STAR TREK BEYOND is set for a July 22, 2016 release.



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