Star Trek Discovery changes Sonequa Martin-Green's character's name and rank

So I've been excited about STAR TREK DISCOVERY since its announcement. While it's definitely had ups-and-downs (Bryan Fuller hired as showrunner, then leaving), I've still liked everything I've seen and heard about it. That includes the casting of Sonequa Martin-Green as the main character, Lt. Commander Rainsford.

Except that's no longer the case. Not that Martin-Green is no longer the main character (she still is), but her rank and name has now changed to First Officer Michael Burnham, as seen by the tweet below (which also re-confirms the existence of Klingons):

No word on the reason for the name change, though maybe she's now higher on the pecking order for when the captain (played by Jason Isaacs) inevitably dies or betrays the crew so she can take over (I mean, I don't know for sure, but it makes sense that she'd eventually become the captain since every STAR TREK before this has had the captain be the lead). Either way, at least the thing is finally getting made, and STAR TREK is back on TV. At this point you could call her Rear Admiral Butts McFart and I'd still give it a shot.

While STAR TREK DISCOVERY still doesn't have a release date yet (KAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!), it looks like shooting has at least begun, with a planned late summer, early fall release. Let's hope they stick to it this time.

Extra Tidbit: In the pilot episode of STAR TREK, we see Captain Kirk's grave and it says "JAMES R. KIRK", though we all know it's actually "JAMES *T* KIRK". Why do people call STAR TREK fans obsessive?
Source: Twitter



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