Star Wars fans again plead with Lucasfilm to continue the Expanded Universe

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The STAR WARS Expanded Universe doesn't count anymore. 

Following Disney's purchase of STAR WARS and Lucasfilm, it was announced that the EU, as it had been called, was not canon and, as a result of official STAR WARS lore. That means any books, comics, video games, etc. that ventured outside of the core saga of films and official TV series effectively became glorified fan-fiction. Boba Fett never survived. Han and Leia didn't have three kids. None of that really happened.

Granted, Disney was nice enough to not wipe it all completely off the map, rebranding all of those works as STAR WARS Legends, and then forming a Story Group that would maintain and manage all STAR WARS storytelling from that point on to make sure no contradictions or mix-ups would happen. Everything and everyone would always be on the same page in the future.

Those developments didn't sit well with a particular group of STAR WARS fans who devoted a lot of time and money over the years to investing in the EU and were now told that none of it really counted for anything in the greater STAR WARS Universe. And even though it's been two years since they learned Disney's plans and have had ample chance to move on, it looks like they haven't. In fact, they have put more time and money into pleading their case to Lucasfilm in the hopes of changing the future.

A new billboard has gone up in San Francisco asking for the original Expanded Universe to be continued with GiveUsLegends raising $4784 via crowdfunding in order to pay for it on the corner of Steiner and Lombard.

Now I understand trying to hold onto one's fandom when you feel it's somehow being taken away from you, but come on... Money is being thrown away on a lost cause. Live in the now, ladies and gents. We are a STAR WARS Universe that is going strong right now under Disney's ownership with a lot more to come in the years to come. Be happy with that and put your cash into supporting those efforts. This battle is over.

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