Star Wars Rebels will be back for Season 3

Did you honestly think Disney was going to pull back on STAR WARS REBELS at this point or any point soon? Their STAR WARS machinery is getting ready to go full throttle in a couple of weeks, and, once they kick it into high gear, there will be no turning back. If they have something that feeds the quickly expanding STAR WARS Galaxy, then they're going to feed it as it gets bigger and stronger and more beneficial to them financially.

So a Season Three of the Disney XD animated series always seemed like a no-brainer, which is why Disney went ahead and announced it officially today. After all, they need to give us something new every day until the 18th to keep the enthusiasm high and there are only so many TV spots they can cut until it becomes too much.

Disney XD has ordered a third season of its animated series “Star Wars Rebels” from Lucasfilm. The third season is currently in production and scheduled to premiere in 2016. It was announced today by Marc Buhaj, Senior Vice President, Programming and General Manager, Disney XD.

In making the announcement, Buhaj said, “We are proud to bring our audience a third season of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ a series that has resonated across generations.” Buhaj added, “The creative team behind the series continues to do a brilliant job in delivering on the key tenets that fans have come to expect from a Star Wars property, including adventure, hope and the battle between good vs. evil.”

“We’re very proud of our incredibly creative Rebels team,” says Lucasfilm SVP of Development, Kiri Hart. “The show continues to tell fun, heartfelt, exciting new Star Wars stories week after week, and it’s beloved by fans of all ages. Season Three will see our Rebel heroes face new obstacles and find new allies in their fight against the Empire.”

To date, “Star Wars Rebels” ranks as Disney XD’s #2 series in Total Viewers (1.3 million), Kids 6-11, Boys 6-11 and Boys 2-11. It’s the channel’s #1 program among Adults 18-49 and Men 18-49. In the most recent quarter tabulated (3Q15), “Star Wars Rebels” reached over 48 million unique Total Viewers in 157 countries/territories and in 30 languages. “Star Wars Rebels” has also generated nearly 4 million video starts on WATCH Disney XD.

The transformative second season of “Star Wars Rebels” featured the return of fan-favorite clone troopers Captain Rex, Captain Gregor and Commander Wolffe, and the debut of new characters including the Seventh Sister, a cunning and crafty Inquisitor who is tasked by Darth Vader to track down the rebels. Following a series of critical events, the lives of our heroes will be changed forever as Season Three begins.

In all seriousness though, STAR WARS REBELS has been incredibly popular since its launch, and it only stands to get bigger as the fandom gets more into all things STAR WARS with the Saga rejuvenated. Disney is primed and ready to take full advantage of that as best as possible, because who doesn't enjoy printing mass quantities of money like that?

Source: StarWars.com



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